A healthy group SAGA includes working through organizational challenges, effective group collaboration, individual reflection, engaging discussions, working toward a common cause, and a commitment to improve. Emphasizing character, collaboration, and commitment, SAGA creates innovative team development workshops and retreats that will empower the team to innovate and collaborate.
Our team development programs are highly successful; we incorporate our values into each program to engage your group members from the beginning. Whether you want a light-hearted or something that invites your members to engage
Fun, Shared Experiences that team members will remember and take back to the workplace
Opportunities to Practice and Improve Communication between Group Members
A Solution Focused Environment
Having Fun While Working

Character Development

Fresh & Different Approach

Have you ever thought of using a “common read” to get your members focused on a common theme in your organization’s story? Productive teams allow team members to learn about themselves as they serve the organization. We can help you create some unique learning tools that improve productivity and leadership principles in your team.