Every organization has a SAGA just as every person has a life story. Those stories come together through our experiences working together. Successful organizations have SAGA’s deeply rooted in people of character, committed to a vision, and collaborating to get things done. Therefore we focus on three aspects of leadership.

Character in any SAGA refer to the roles one plays in work or community as well as the distinct set of attributes or features that distinguishes an individual or group. In organizational and leadership development, one’s character is often the bedrock for trusting relationships and ethical outcomes. The characters of the organization many times have colorful histories and diverse backgrounds – but all need to have something in common – stalwart internal guides that shape their internal character.

Commitment to a set of common values is essential aspect of a successful SAGA. We all are committed to something or someone. How well we follow through on our commitment to one another is often interpreted to be part of our character, and establishes the basis for our ability to collaboration with one another.

Collaboration is essential to a successful SAGA. The characters find resolutions, manage conflict, and accomplish their visions. Yes, collaboration involves conflict, compromise, and challenges. That’s the point! Collaborative environments are successful because people work those problems to find solutions that everyone can agree to.

Incorporating Your Story in the Organization's Story

Work and Play

The point is that successful organizations have many characters who are committed the vision, demonstrate character, and are able to collaborate even during conflict. We help organizations develop a SAGA they are proud to publicize.